Lakesyn Chemical Co. Ltd. provides a selection of services and products towards the pharmaceutical chemical and biotechnology companies.


Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals & good protect the production of niche items utilized in from sealants adhesives and films to digital products and drugs, liquids.

Pharmaceuticals intermediates

Pharmaceutical Intermediates suppliers, exporters & suppliers

Scale-up synthesis

Size-up Calorimetry And Size-up Calorimetry and Activity

Contract research

We offers assistance towards the device sectors within the type of study, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies outsourced on the contract basis.

Testing & outsourcing services

We offer world class application quality assurance and screening solutions at incredible prices.


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We've experienced team doing normal synthesis and have pilot scale manufacturer and our very own professional laboratory. Your collection products contain heterocyclic compounds, aromatic compounds, proteins, chiral blocks and other active pharmaceutical ingredients.Our products are released largely to the Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, India, etc.
November 20, 2017

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November 18, 2017

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